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food allergy : internet resources

  1. Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network
    Nonprofit organization devoted to educating the public about food allergies. Find information on common food allergens, awareness programs, and research.
  2. Living Without
    Supporting and educating readers with allergies and food and chemical sensitivities.
  3. MedlinePlus: Food Allergy
    Links to general article on food allergy causing adverse reaction, symptoms, disease management, and specific conditions.
  4. Allergic-Child
    Advice for parents on practical, everyday living for the family of a severely food allergic child.
    Offers a selection of wristbands, stickers, bags, magnets, and pins which make it easier for teachers, babysitters, and friends to identify children with potentially life-threatening food allergies.
    Provides books and information on the causes, diagnosis, and treatment of food allergies.
  7. Eating Without Casein
    Primer for people with milk allergy. Features ingredient lists, cooking suggestions, restaurant tips, kosher labeling information, non-food uses of casein, and more.
  8. Tips to Remember: Food Allergy
    Patient information on reactions of the immune system to food and food additives. Includes symptoms, severe allergic reactions, diagnosis, treatment, and when to consult a doctor. From American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology. Asthma and Immunology
  9. Avoiding Corn
    Advice given by a food allergy sufferer on allergy to corn.
  10. MayoClinic: Food Allergy
    Overview of food allergy caused by reaction triggered by the immune system. Includes symptoms, causes, risk factors, treatment, and preventive tips.
  11. MedicineNet: Food Allergy
    Learn about the allergic reaction of the immune system to food, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and common food allergens.
  12. KidsHealth: Food Allergies
    Covers signs, causes, treatment, and living with food allergies.
  13. Kidsaware
    Offering clothing and accessories to raise the awareness of a child’s nut or peanut allergy.
  14. Food Allergy Survivors Together
    Support group for people with food allergies in the family. Contains recipes, tips, and resources for sufferers of food allergies.
  15. Food Allergies
    Facts about food intolerance and allergies.
  16. Forum and Infos on Reactions Due to Foods
    Informations and tips on food allergy with recipes, reading suggestions, and hints for food allergics who travel. In English, French, and German.
  17. eMedicineHealth: Food Allergy
    Consumer health resource center providing informaton about food allergy, symptoms, treatment, prevention, and support group.
  18. Dietary Advice for Patients With Nasal Polyps
    Offers advice based on the author’s personal experience of allergy causing foods.
  19. Food Allergy Survivors Together Mailing List
    Interactive mailing list for adults and children with food allergies, as well as parents with children who are food-allergic.
  20. Grain Information Service
    Provides information on flour and bread intolerance.


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