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·         Can you tell me if there is any alternative method in treating Eczema? A question asked to BBC Net doctor by a worried patient.

·         Food Allergies – Some children experience unpleasant reactions after eating certain foods. They might be sick, have diarrhoea, cough or wheeze or get an itchy rash… (BBC on food reactions)

·         Eczema is a group of conditions that affect the skin. The two most common forms are ‘atopic eczema’ and ‘contact dermatitis’. Atopic eczema often starts in childhood and tends to run in families (BBC Education: The Health Site).

·         Kidallergy – A full site dedicate to children to learn about their allergies. Includes games for them and plenty of advise in a child’s language.

·         MSPI – A site for those infants and children affected by milk and soy protein intolerance.

·         Calcium and bone growth. A full report about the importance of calcium and requirements for bone growth. Read this if you are a vegan or if you do not take any dairy products.

·         Yogurt as a calcium source – If you do not take milk or calcium then yogurt may be the answer if you are lactose intolerant.

·         Lactose maldigestion – A review for anyone who is lactose intolerant.

·         Kids With Dermatitis May Be Allergic To Cows – This is a medical report that concludes that children suffering from continous skin infections are allergic to cow’s milk.

·         Milk allergies and calcium intake for toddlers. – Read this if your child is allergic or intolerrant to milk.

·         Study: No Link Between Breast Milk, Allergies

·         Genetic basis for lactose intolerance revealed. A very interesting article about lactose intollerance appearing on the NewScientist magazine. Comments about the possibilty of cheap test after the discover of different loci next to the lactase producing gene.

·         Food Allergy PROS Food allergy is a real and important condition claim its supporters. Many sufferers and some involved in the health industry believe for too long food allergy and food intolerance have been… (BBC Education: The Health Site – Health vs Health)

·         The Allergy Guide website offers up-to-date information and useful advice. It’s your one-stop-guide to everything you need to know about allergy and what it means to the 8 million allergy sufferers in the UK. Tony Robinson narrated Allergy Alert which was recently shown on BBC ONE.

·         Mac Pharma Network – Free information and affordable products for all your health and wellness needs.

·         Goat Milk Unsafe for Allergic Kids.
Some doctors and dieticians claim that if you are allergic to cow’s milk you may take goat’s milk. This review proves this to be wrong. If you are lactose intolerant you should never treat goat’s milk different than cow’s milk. Remember all milks contain lactose.

·         Anaphylaxis caused by the unexpected presence of casein in salmon.
(Research Letters)(Statistical Data Included)(Brief Article) A new process for restructured meat and fish has been introduced to the market recently. Its main compound is casein, and it may therefore endanger patients…From The Lancet, December 18 1999 by Andre C Knulst

·         Potential asthma drugs may cure food allergies.
(News)(Statistical Data Included)(Brief Article) A new study indicates that drugs that block eotaxin–a chemokine involved in eosinophil trafficking into inflamed tissues–might be effective against…From The Lancet, June 10 2000 by Paul M Rowe

·         Allergic to good health: the right food may be wrong for you.
(Natural Remedies)(includes related articles and a list of resources) Experts estimate that 4% of children and 1% of adults test positive for food allergies, but probably many more people suffer from food sensitivities. Symptoms… From Vegetarian Times, June 01 1997 by Phyllis Herman

·         Manifestations of Food Allergy: Evaluation and Management.
The term “food allergy” refers to adverse immunologic reactions to food. Food allergy is usually mediated by IgE antibody directed to specific food proteins,… From American Family Physician, January 15 1999 by Scott H. Sicherer

·         Food allergies and avoidance diets.
True food allergies are abnormal responses of the immune systems to components of certain foods. Many consumers and even some medical professionals…
From Nutrition Today, January 01 1999 by Anne Munoz-Furlong

·         What you need to know about your food allergies.
Common Allergens
From Better Nutrition, March 01 2000 by Nina Anderson

·         Are you eating yourself sick?(food allergies)
A practical primer on how to uncover your food allergies & sensitivities and how to reduce your exposure to allergen-packed products. From Better Nutrition, May 01 1999 by Lisa Turner

·         THE JOURNAL OF ALLERGY AND CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY.(journal both reports, and provides a forum for, asthma and allergy research)
From Discover, March 01 2000 by Donald Y. M. Leung

·         Good allergy practice.(ABC of Allergies)
Allergies are extreme responses of the immune system to various external substances. They are increasing in the population and one in six people currently…
From British Medical Journal, February 14 1998 by Kay. A.B.

·         The man who couldn’t lift a pea. (curing food allergies with the Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique)
From Natural Health, July 01 1998 by Linda Weber

·         Exposure to foodborne and orofecal microbes versus airborne viruses in relation to atopy and allergic asthma: epidemiological study.
Exposure to foodborne bacteria and viruses may lower the risk of allergy later in life. Researchers tested 240 male soldiers with allergy and 240 male… British Medical Journal, February 12 2000 by Sergio Bonini

·         Early BCG vaccination and development of atopy.
BCG vaccination does not appear to increase the risk of allergy in children with a family history of allergy. Researchers gave skin-prick tests to 216… The Lancet, August 09 1997 by Annika Scheynius

·         Enzymes to the rescue.
A back-to-school food allergy primer From Better Nutrition, September 01 2000 by Anthony J. Cichoke

·         The beverage for you now: milk. (includes recipes)(Special Advertising Section)
The nutritional aspect of milk, the body’s calcium needs at various ages, calcium-bearing foods, types of milk, and lactose intolerance are discussed…. From Ladies Home Page Journal, September 01 1995 by Barbara Levine

·         Effectiveness of treatments for infantile colic: systematic review.
Objective: To evaluate the effectiveness of diets, drug treatment, and behavioural interventions on infantile colic in trials with crying or the presence… From British Medical Journal, May 23 1998 by A. Knuistingh Neven

·         Age of entry to day nursery and allergy in later childhood.
Childhood infections may protect children from the later development of allergies. Researchers in Germany compared allergy symptoms in 2,471 children attending… From The Lancet, February 06 1999 by M. Wjst

·         Soy Baby Blues.(soy milk may not be safe for infants)
Can We Trust Alternatives to Milk-Based Formulas? From E, November 01 1999 by Katherine Kerlin

Lactose intolerance refers to gastrointestinal symptoms such as diarrhoea and abdominal cramps after ingesting a known quantity of milk or milk-containing… From Nutrition Today, July 01 2000 by Linda G. Tolstoi

·         Tracking Down Food Allergens.
Consumers often confuse the symptoms of a food intolerance with those of a food allergy. From Prepared Foods, October 01 1999 by Linda Milo Ohr

·         Living with Reflux
Supporting all people with reflux, from adults, parents of children with the condition and older children, by providing information and a discussion forum. You can come share your personal stories and experiences, with people who are in a similar situation to yourself.

·         Eating for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Diet & Recipes
Comprehensive Irritable Bowel Syndrome diet information & hundreds of IBS friendly recipes.

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