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Tanda dan Gejala Alergi Obat


§ Swelling/Puffy

§ Facial edema/swelling

§ Plethora/Red face/Ruddy look

§ Bilateral ankle swelling

§ Bilateral leg edema/swelling

§ Red/erythema skin discoloration

§ Relative Bradycardia with Fever (Fagets sign)

§ Bilateral ankle rash/purpura

§ Blotchy rash/variable

§ Erythematous generalized rash

§ Erythroderma

§ Facial erythema

§ Facial flushing/Beet red

§ Fever and Rash

§ Macular rash

§ Neonatal Erythroderma

§ Palms/soles itchy redness

§ Pruritic/itching rash

§ Pruritis Itching

§ Rash

§ Rash face/exposed areas/arms/neck

§ Rash, erythematous/Sunburn-like

§ Rash, macular/maculopapular or morbilliform

§ Relentless painful/iching/hands/feet/rash

§ Scarletiniform rash

§ Symmetrical rash

§ Urticarial rash Fever

§ Abdominal Pain

§ Chronic Abdominal Pain

§ RAP syndrome/children/Recurrent abdominal pain

§ Recurrent Abdominal Pain

§ Oral erythematous lesion

§ Oral mucosa white lesions

§ Oral Mucosal Erosive Lesions

§ Oral Mucosal Punctate Lesions

§ Lymphadenopathy, systemic

§ Headache

§ Bronchospasm signs

§ Wheezing

§ Wheezing in Elderly

§ Arthralgias Polyarthralgias

§ Arthritis with rash/dermatitis

§ Joint Pains

§ Polyarticular Joint Pain

§ Itchy nose

§ Itchy palate/throat

§ Sneezing

§ Tickle throat/need to clear throat

§ Acutely ill patient/signs

§ Certain drugs trigger rash/flushing/itch

§ Fever

§ Fever and Normal Sed Rate

§ Fever clears then rash

§ Fever Febrile Possible

§ Fever of unknown origin/chronic fever

§ Fever one week/non-infectious

§ Fever, persistent , without daily fall

§ Flu-Like Syndrome

§ High body temperature

§ Infusion site/pain

§ Malaise

  • Clinical Presentation & Variations

§ Presentation/Elderly Unusual Patterns

§ Presentation/Flushing Burning Ears Fingertips Periodic

§ Presentation/Steroid responsive disorder Sensitive

§ Presentation/Treatment Failure Asthma

§ Presentation/Wheeze Cough Dyspnea Adult



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