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An elimination diet designed to control food allergies and cure her colitis also put an end to vertigo.

Allergies of the nervous system cause diverse behavioral disturbances, including headaches, vertigo, migraines convulsions, learning disabilities, schizophrenia and depression. Some of the biological mechanisms have been established by research; others remain to be explored. Effective diagnosis and treatment include the elimination diet, followed by dietary rotation and avoidance of offending substances.

Vertigo is not quite the same as dizziness. With vertigo, you feel as though your head or the room is spinning; when you’re dizzy, you feel unsteady, but with no spinning sensation (you can, however, have vertigo and dizziness at the same time). Vertigo is sometimes also accompanied by blockage in the ear, buzzing noises, nausea and vomiting.

A disease of the cochlea, the hearing mechanism in the middle ear, can cause vertigo. So can a disturbance in the balance regulating portion of the ear known as the vestibular system. Nerve damage in the inner ear is another possible cause. But there’s another cause that doctors rarely consider Allergy.

Vertigo can affect children or adults who have an inner ear allergy which affects their sense of balance. This type of allergy can be triggered by foods, drugs, chemicals or particles like dust, pollen and molds.

Some study reveal with disturbing attacks of vertigo for twenty years, along with episodes of colitis. An elimination diet designed to control her food allergies and cure her colitis also put an end to her vertigo.

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