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Cheese (casein) causes seizures ?

Cheese (casein) causes seizures ?

Let me tell you a story about  a phone call yesterday–
(If I get a little excited, pardon me, because it really made me mad.)

I’ve been treating this 2 year old ittle girl over the last couple months who’s been diagnosed with seizures.  And to make a really long story short it was very obvious to me after doing a metabolic workup and neurological workup that the little girl is having a lot of inflammation.

 In fact, on her blood work for her C reactive protein was extremely high.  And you just don’t see that in kids.   A high CRP in a kid that’s a big warning sign.

So she’s having seizure activity or… what appears to have seizure activity.  She’s also been diagnosed on MRI with a cortical dysplasia, which means part of the right side of her brain doesn’t look right on MRI.

So we fast forward a little bit.  We do some metabolic testing.  And I find out that guess what.  She has a really, really bad leaky gut.  She’s got gluten sensitivity, casein sensitivity and soy sensitivity. 

Now, if you remember, I don’t do a lot of expensive food allergy testing cause it’s really a waste of time.  When those type of things show up, besides gluten, really what you’re seeing is the child has a barrier problem.  Now, why do they have a barrier problem?  Well, we did some more digging and it’s hard to tell, you know which thing came before the other one.  You know it’s like chicken or the egg. 

But the point is we’ve got her started on  a diet protocol and a supplementation protocol that really seem to be working very well. 

I told them, “Hey, you know you do need to have an EEG done cause we want to see if she really is having seizure activity.” 

So they were set up to do this seizure, this EEG.  And the mom calls me and says that they did the EEG and that it’s normal. (Great!) —But then the doctor tells her they want to increase her child’s medication. 

Does that make any sense to you? 

Now, just think about it. You and I aren’t medical doctors.  You know we don’t prescribe seizure medication.  But if everything is normal on the EEG… what’s the rationale for prescribing more medication?

( And if you happen to be a medical doctor listening to or watching this, don’t tell me that that’s the protocol.  That when things are going okay you’d add more medication.  That doesn’t make any sense.)

So the mom is telling me, “It doesn’t make any sense to me.”  And I said, “You’re right.  It doesn’t.” 

Now, here’s why I named the title of this post, you know Cheese causes Seizures.

You know the little girl had been on this diet for several weeks.  Was doing great.  Isn’t having any of these space out episodes.  Now one of the things that we know when she’s gonna have a seizure is she starts to get spacey.  And she’ll just almost like collapse.  Just pass out. 

So they’re at a birthday party this past weekend.  And the little girl kind of sneaks away and mom finds her in the kitchen shoving cheese in her mouth. 

 “How much of those did you eat?”  She said, “Four.”

Well, in about 30 minutes kid gets this spacey look on her face and just passes out in the lap of a stranger at this birthday party. 

The mom tells me, “Aha.  I knew you were right.” 

She eats something she shouldn’t eat it fires up her immune system.  She gets seizure activity.

I think this proves a lot of points. 

Number one, what goes in your mouth dramatically influences not only your overall health, it influences your brain health.  And we’re talking about seizures in particular.  Inflammation is really the name of the game.  There may be other compounding and confounding factors.  But seizure activities are usually caused by inflammation.

Number two… iyou have to know that the seizure medication slows their brain down.  And in a lot of kids, slowing their brain down is only going to perpetuate the problem.  Because their brain needs to be stimulated.  It needs to be activated at an appropriate level.  And slowing it down actually is just going to make it more unstable. 

Mom was angry. I was upset.  We agreed that her daughter should NOT stop the casein free diet. Because that is helping her immune system calm down.  And when her immune system calms down, inflammatory levels calm down…and she may be seizure free forever.


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