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ASCIA Meeting 2010 : 21st Annual Scientific Meeting

ASCIA Meeting 2010 : 21st Annual Scientific Meeting

  Recent advances in the understanding of Primary Immunodeficiency Prof Rebecca Buckley
  Defects in lymphocyte differentiation in Primary Immunodeficiencies Dr Stuart Tangye
  DOCK8 immunodeficiency – what can we learn from mice Dr Katrina Randall

  Vitamin D – infection, immunity & allergic disease A/Prof Carlos Camargo
  Vitamin D – infection, immunity & allergic disease, an Australian perspective Dr Raymond Mullins

  Vasomotor rhinitis – an International perspective Prof Robert Naclerio
  Vasomotor rhinitis – an Australian perspective A/Prof Pete Smith
  Sublingual immunotherapy Dr Moises Calderon
  Emergency management of asthma A/Prof Carlos Camargo
  Rhinosinusitis – what do clinical trials tell us? Prof Robert Naclerio
  Immunotherapy – do we need any more evidence? Dr Moises Calderon
  Chronic rhinosinusitis: where the genome meets the microbiome Dr Martin Desrosiers
  Churg Strauss syndrome Prof Dominic Mallon
  Primary Hypereosinophilic syndromes Dr Robert Bird
  Eosinophilic Rhinosinusitis Dr William Smith
  Stinging insect and tick allergy Dr Graham Solley
  Paspalum allergy Dr Janet Davies
  Parthenium allergy Dr Sheryl Van Nunen
  Bone marrow transplantation in SCID: long term
clinical and immunologic outcomes
Prof Rebecca Buckley
  Cancer in Immunodeficiency – lessons from the ASCIA PID Register A/Prof Sean Riminton
  Functional antibody evaluation – what are the issues? A/Prof Mimi Tang
11.00 – 11.30 Biologics in allergy Prof Connie Katelaris
  Biologics in autoimmune disease Dr Stephen Adelstein
  Biologics in autoinflammatory disorders Dr Patrick Hogan
  Biologics complications in paediatrics Dr Melanie Wong
  Human Anti Chimeric Antibodies (HACAs)
clinical significance, detection and prevention
Dr Daman Langguth
  Application for biologics
the perspective from the High Cost Drugs committee
Dr Peter Pillans

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